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Eco Living

In producing genuinely sustainable buildings we have approached the design with three key aims: low energy, natural materials and renewable energy.

Given the stunning North Sutherland scenery and loch-side location, we determined to produce simple but striking buildings that contrasted with but complimented their surroundings. The buildings were constructed using local timber, stone and traditional building techniques. These natural materials complement each other well and we have sought to use them in an honest way that best reveals their characteristics.   Both buildings are powered largely by a small on-site  wind turbine. The result is two stunning completely unique carbon negative buildings which sit comfortably in their environment in every respect.

The stone for the external walls and dry stone dykes was sourced on site. The use of sheep’s wool insulation and woodfibre sheathing  results in  breathable, highly insulated, durable buildings. Tyre bales, produced from used car tyres which are processed from a problem waste product into a versatile building block, were also used in the build. The energy required to run the buildings is derived from renewable sources generated on-site. Heating provision is via large array of solar collectors which provide hot water to large thermal stores.

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